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World war III – threat or PR to Romania?

My fellow Romanian people, your wishes have been granted! Our unknown country has been subject of international gossip, for the past weeks – and not because of gypsies!




Less than a month ago, the only news you could read world wide about our forgotten state were about illegal immigration and the fear of the European Union about Romanian labor.

Tada! Surprise! All of the sudden, the UE is our friend, even NATO salutes us and congratulates us for our impeccable accomplishments of our past ten years. Even more, the state secretary of the USA actually held a speech about our country, while everyone wonders if the most feared person of the moment will want or not to attack us, once it takes over what actually belongs to him. Putin wants us, UE actually cares about the president’s opinion, NATO supports us and the USA knows we exist!

Even more – Romania is actually mentioned in talk shows and news articles as the reason of world war three to come. Wow! Suddenly we are such big deal on the planet! We haven’t experienced so much exposure since Hollywood found out Dracula is Romanian.

I think officials in the ministry of tourism should seriously consider rebranding our country, from “Land of choice” into “the place where world war III will start”! Don’t you?!

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